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We all want our homes to look like the beautiful photos we see on instagram. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I have serious home decorating envy these days. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to start a transformation of my home to help make it look as beautiful and dreamy as those photos.
The thing about home décor and jewelry choice, they can be scary and overwhelming. Lucky me, I have some new, very fashionable friends that have the knowledge and passion to help me navigate these waters of home décor.  

The Journey into Beautiful Living

I had the pleasure of meeting Bogart Paz from Quince & Quinn in Oakley this past summer. I follow Quince & Quinn on instagram (I highly recommend you do the same) and they had posted an image with these incredible turquoise colored footed vases.
I went there on a mission to bring those vases home and struck up a conversation with Bogart about how much I loved them. I soon found out I pretty much loved Bogart too. Bogart is kind, helpful, approachable, and a man with great style, what’s not to love? He soon introduced me to the owner Beau Bolce, and I knew I found the people who can help make my home a reflection of me. Not someone else’s home on instagram, but my perfect instagram home.

You need someone who is knowledgeable, honest, and cares enough to help you define your own look that feels Instagram worthy.

Alice Magoto wearing Stafford Jewelers fashion pieces 
Shown Above
Carbon & Hyde ‘Rosetta’ Hoops
Alice Magoto at Quince and Quinn

Standing Out Among the Crowd

When I am making a personal and expensive choice I want to feel confident and secure that I am making the best choice for me and that there will be no regrets; only enjoyment. That is definitely the goal we have at Stafford’s, helping you find your personal, perfect instagram worthy piece of jewelry.
That is why my sons and I, along with our entire sales staff want to help you pick the perfect piece of jewelry for YOU, not us, YOU! That means the right price, the right style and the right feeling. Let’s face it, most jewelry purchases come with a lot of feeling. Engagement, Babies, Anniversaries… you get what I’m saying. You need someone who is knowledgeable, honest, and cares enough to help you define your own look that feels Instagram worthy. Not the look that everyone else is posting, but the look that makes you happy, makes you fall in love, and maybe makes others envious! Lots of feels!
Q&Q mission is to help their customer surround themselves with enriching, soulful and comfortable choices. Stafford Jewelers has the expertise and creativity to lead our customers to solutions that exemplify their individual style and uniqueness.

Capturing Confidence with Local Professionals

Realizing our commonality in our core business philosophy, I asked Beau if he would allow Stafford Jewelers to do a photoshoot in the store. He agreed and our plan was hatched. Taking photos that show how Quince & Quinn and Stafford Jewelers can use our business expertise to help you surround yourself with beautiful, personal, and uncommon things, whether that be a beautiful necklace or painting.  
Let’s get back to these photos from this breathtaking photo shoot.  
Stunning! Right?
Inspiring! Right?
That was the goal!

Alice Magoto wearing Stafford Jewelers Fashion
Fashion rings from Stafford Jewelers
Shown Above
Hulchi Belluni Fashion Ring

It took some seriously talented folks to bring this all together. We had the outrageously fabulous Q&Q setting; I had all the modern, feminine and edgy jewelry.  
Next up, I asked my friend & photographer Ross Van Pelt if he would take the photos, I talked with the beautiful and incredibly talented Alice Magoto if she would be our model (she is Ms. Ohio), and last but certainly not least I enlisted the talents of my friend and all around kick ass stylist Nora Fink to close the circle of this incredibly talented group by dressing Alice in clothes to inspire and ignite our imagination.

Alice Magoto on couch at Quince and Quinn with Stafford Jewelers
Alice Magoto in Quince and Quinn wearing Stafford Jewelry

Helping You Achieve Your Personal Perfection

At Stafford’s, we love working with other local business owners. It’s great meeting, talking, helping, and sharing. It helps each of us become better at what we do. Building business that helps Cincinnatians have the best items and experiences when shopping. These photos are meant to inspire you. Each of the people involved in this shoot love what they do and have incredible talent and style. These are the people that will guide you to reaching your personal best style, make you stand out on the streets of Cincinnati, and not look like everyone else. A unique, uncommon, and stylish, you!
We take shopping local serious. It’s the backbone to a healthy, thriving city!