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We all know how the saying goes… new year, new me. While this is definitely something that can have good meaning behind it, it can also cause us to lose sight of the big picture. Meet Kelly Amshoff! Business owner, mother of two, fitness fanatic, and all around amazing woman! We got some of her thoughts on setting goals for a new year and how important it is to remain true to yourself and also how femininity, fitness, and strength do not have to be separate from each other. Oh, and she also showcases how fine jewelry can also be worn while working out at the gym!

Jewelry Created for Strong & Sexy Women

Carbon & Hyde is one of our newest and most loved lines when talking fashion pieces. A family owned company from the start, which obviously grabbed our attention! Carbon & Hyde is loved by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, and Khloe Kardashian and we can understand why. The beautiful blend of edge and class is seen through all of their pieces. The Renata Necklace, round medallion initial, comes with one initial of your choice. Kelly loved this piece because of its ability to be worn in and out of the gym with flare! Perfect to wear by itself or stacked with other small chain pieces and easily transitions from a sweatshirt and leggings at yoga, to nice evening cocktail attire.

Working out with fashion jewelry
Kelly Amshoff working out in fashion jewlery
Shown Above
Carbon & Hyde Lily Choker. 14 karat rose gold with .25 carats of diamonds

Femininity, fitness, and strength do not have to be separate from each other.

Kelly Amshoff working out in Stafford Jewelers fashion items
Shown Above
18 karat white and rose gold Hulchi Belluni hoops with .54 carats of diamonds
Kelly Amshoff fitness instructor with Stafford Jewelry

We are All in this Story Together

Kelly is an extremely passionate woman with drive that cannot be found too often. Her company thrives off of the energy she brings to the room of men and women working out. She works at her craft consistently and does not settle for anything less than amazing! When we asked her to talk to us about modern women being strong and sexy she had amazing wisdom, as expected. “There was a widely accepted stigma that women were the weaker, prettier sex for a long time. Men did the heavy lifting. A woman was dainty and made sure dinner was on the table. Thankfully, our culture is now starting to accept that ‘capability’ is what matters…women can be just as capable as men. Women can be strong. Women can have a career AND raise a family. All of this is now seen as sexy. You have to own who you are and know what you are capable of.” – Kelly Amshoff

Kelly Amshoff in from of "we are all in this together" mural in Cincinnati, Ohio