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When I was a young girl I LOVED giraffes.
I would watch every show I could on Africa, in hopes of spotting one. I would look through every book we had that showed scenes of Africa. Soon enough, my interest in giraffes expanded to elephants, lions, and hippos – and then Africa in general.

Fair Trade, Ethics, & Conscious Decision Making

Why am I telling you this?
Believe it or not, I’m telling you a story about fashion, business, and ethics. In the jewelry industry, there is tremendous talk about Africa as it relates to fair trade and conscious consumer decision-making.
You’ve probably heard these terms – but what do they mean, and how do my boys and I apply them to our business?


At Stafford Jewelers, we are passionate about ensuring the partners we work with are sourcing gems and metals ethically.


Local Companies Making Conscious Business Decisions, Together

The same philosophy holds true for another local business we love, Quince & Quinn in Oakley. This awesome furniture and home décor outpost works with a great company called Ngala Trading. 100% of Ngala products are organic and made by hand in South Africa. In addition to a variety of skulls and game skins, they use exotic indigenous materials such as feathers, ostrich eggs, leather, porcupine quills, suede, horns and ostrich shins to make lighting, furniture and décor that are not only functional, but statement pieces in their own right.
With my personal love of Africa and Ngala’s commitment to preserving the beauty there, it was only natural that we photograph some of our consciously-sourced statement jewelry against the backdrop of Ngala statement products at Quince & Quinn!

Shopping Consciously

Making a statement with your jewelry or your home décor doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your purchasing beliefs. Talk to the management of your favorite stores and research brands you buy from online and you’ll be equipped to make ethical shopping decisions! And you can rest easy when you shop Stafford – we’re passionate about our business decisions and take special care when it comes to our jewelry sourcing!