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Fashion is what you are offered by designers four times a year, style is what you choose. That is a quote from Lauren Hutton.
This is definitely how I live my life. I love to look at what designers are putting out, but I want my style to reflect my personality and choices. Put my own spin on it, make it my own.
One of my good friends Nora Fink is a personal stylist, she is actually one of those kickass kind of women, that live life with flair and originality.
Nora and I have been friends for years, we met when my boys were young, and she was newly married. Now we are both women who own our own business and have come back together to collaborate. It’s nothing but fun collaborating with Nora. She has a strong, positive, and loving personality, but what makes her really such a spectacular person, is that she is just plain ol’ COOL! Cool as they come, cool.

Nora and I brought our businesses together recently to do our first photoshoot. The goal being to showcase what each of us and our businesses can offer Cincinnati to help guide them in becoming their best gorgeous selves. That was our first and foremost goal, but it also was about having fun. Like I said, when you are around Ms Nora, you are going to have lots of fun!
In this photoshoot, we had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Alice Magoto, Ms. Ohio, dressing her in some of Nora’s styles and several of Stafford Jewelers pieces.
You can read more that photo shoot here.
In this first edition photoshoot, Nora wanted to highlight some pieces that say love, romance, being edgy and sexy! Nora says “in 2019, be on the lookout for holographic fabrics, 80’s denim jackets, and iridescent fabrics.” Sounds good to me, I may have rocked some 80’s hair back in the day, but if I said that I would be aging myself, so let’s move on!

Fashion is what you are offered by designers four times a year, style is what you choose.

What does this fashion flashback to the 80’s mean for jewelry?

Well ladies and gents, it means you are going to be seeing yellow gold, and lots of it.
But don’t freak out if you’re not a lover of all things yellow gold. Rose and white gold will still be making an appearance.
What I recommend if you want to freshen up your jewelry look is to add a piece of yellow gold, with your already white or rose gold. That means layering, and layering is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Layer necklaces, layer earrings, layer rings, and of course stack up some bracelets on your pretty, pretty wrist.

Jewelry trends for 2019 are all about layering.


Stacking bracelets.

I personally love stacking bracelets. More than one bracelet worn together makes a bold statement and allows you to flaunt your style. With so many different bracelet choices out there, you can find a way to make your personality stand out.
You can mix metals and blend materials, don’t be matchy matchy, have fun. Think about wearing a bangle with a beaded bracelet and/or a chain. I recently wore my yellow gold bangle with a leather cuff and I got several compliments. It was a very sophisticated look.

Necklace Layering

Necklace layering is so much fun. There are so many fun, awesome choices out there that you really can be unique and original in your selection. I would recommend starting with a choker, which can be anywhere from 14-16” long, depending on your shape, and then go 2-3” longer for each next subsequent necklace. I personally wouldn’t mix metals on this jewelry trend, I would mix style and design. With that being said, a leather or beaded choker with yellow gold necklaces looks pretty solid.

Earring Layering

Let’s bring it back to the beginning, with the 80’s. Gold hoops are going to be everywhere, so you might as well give me a call. You’re going to want a pair and you’re going to want them thin like 1mm thick but big like 3” round and the price is very reasonable at $250.00.
Now for the layering. Before you tell me you can’t layer because you only have single pierced ears, I have your solution. They are called ear cuffs. You heard me right, cuffs for your lobes. We currently have these earring cuffs of wings, and I am telling ladies, BAD ASS! So freaking cool, and so unique, and girlfriend, ain’t nobody going to have anything close to these. You will definitely be the envy of your friends.
Another way to add more bling to your lobes is picking up some huggies. Huggies are earrings that hug your lobe and they are a great way to add a bit of bling to the upper holes in your ear without adding weight.

Layering and Stacking Rings.

Try to get more than one ring on your hand. That means multiple fingers or stacking bands. Another 80’s trend that’s making a comeback… pinky rings. Yep you heard me, and not only pinky rings but signet pinky rings. Nope not kidding. If you’re not ready to go there just yet, let’s get you styling with these avant garde styles. We have rings with moving pieces, flowers that spin. Rings with pink and white diamonds, rings with panthers, frogs and bears oh-my. My point, we have noteworthy styles, not rings you will see at other stores, or on someone else’s hand. It all goes back to “style is what you choose”

Now that I’ve given you the 411 on what to expect this 2019 on jewelry trends, give me a call and come in and check out what we have for you. We can talk all things 80’s and put some serious discussion into if we will be wearing pinky rings again. All the jewelry you see in these photos are available in our store. Kenwood and/or Downtown. Talk soon!
Photo credit: Ross Van Pelt, Amy Elisabeth and Amy Stafford