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Nestled in the middle of our sprawling city, Findlay Market is abundant in flavors from all over the world, as well as locally found specialities that will give you a look at how diverse the culture is in our city. Findlay Market stands as the only surviving municipal market house of the nine public markets operating in Cincinnati in the 19th and early 20th century. As a family owned and operated local jeweler, we are passionate about supporting other local businesses. So we decided to take to the streets in some of our favorite pieces of jewelry and brighten up the streets with diamonds!

Making Fashionable Connections

We started off the morning by grabbing a cup of coffee from Urbana cafe, where we had an opportunity to take some pictures featuring our product and they were so happy to join in on the fun with us by showcasing product together. It is so rewarding being a local business in a city full of other creative and innovative business owners. We must admit, the barista was definitely intrigued by the pieces we had on, including a gorgeous 14 Karat rose gold engagement band that we paired elegantly with a rose gold diamond bangle for some added flair! Jewelry definitely has a way of striking up conversation that can bring up stories, memories, and invoke emotion amongst others.

Jewelry definitely has a way of striking up conversation that can bring up stories, memories, and invoke emotion amongst others.

Woman wearing a fashionable engagement ring at a local business in the Findlay Market
Woman wearing local fashion bracelet and engagement ring
Shown Above
Rose gold Diamond bangle & Engagement ring

Think about the first time you received a piece of jewelry as a gift…how did it make you feel? I can remember the first piece of jewelry that was given to me so vividly. It was Christmas morning, and there was a small box with my name on it. I opened the box and found a simple yellow gold bracelet. Nothing over the top, but it was from my sister and now every time I put that simple bracelet on, I am reminded of that moment and of my sister. Jewelry has a way of doing that; creating memories that last a lifetime.

Two fashionable women at local vendor
Two fashionable women walking through the local Findlay Market

Keeping it Local

Being a business that is also located downtown we were able to discuss with the local business owners at Findlay Market about the wonderful changes that are happening to our downtown community. We made the decision to add a location downtown because of the love and passion we have for the community that is downtown. Not only the business professional, but we see the young couple living downtown, the young professional enjoying the city life, and even the empty nesters who have decided to step away from the large yard and take a chance at a different lifestyle. Our store downtown showcases that flare of flirty, fun, and classic pieces for everyone to enjoy. Perfectly molding together the different types of shoppers we cater to. As you are working on that holiday shopping list, take a moment to consider being more creative in the process. Stop by our downtown location and check out the new holiday inventory. You won’t be disappointed!