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How do we know if we have succeed in achieving our goals to become the Queen City Jeweler? When 3 generations of strong, independent women not only call you a friend, but also trust you with their jewelry needs.

Jewelry is Connected to Images, Memories and Emotions.

Marketers put a lot of time, attention, and valuable marketing dollars on targeting different generations. I am always trying to find a way to connect to the people of Cincinnati. How do I connect with Grandma, Mom and the young women who is starting a new career? Each has different expectations, style’s and money to spend.

What they all have in common is that jewelry is connected to images, memories, and emotions.

What are the components of a piece of fine jewelry? Sure, jewelry is made of precious metals and stones, but the true value of jewelry comes from the conversation and history attached to it.

That is what makes Stafford Jewelers different and better than our competitors.

We want to build a relationship with our customers.  We want you to  think of us for every jewelry purchase in your future!

What better way to show you that commitment than by doing a photoshoot with three generations of women who share an incredible bond with one another. My friend Joan, her mother Joyce, and Joan’s daughter Hannah.  Lovely, strong women who share love, laughter and wine.  Lots and lots of wine.

I invited these three to my home on a beautiful day and draped them in jewels.  I poured some wine, we laughed, told a few stories and enjoyed each other’s company.  Of course Joyce who just celebrated her 90th birthday was just incredible.  Her love for her daughter and granddaughter shows in several of the photos as does their love for her.  I was thrilled that I capture some of that for you to see.

I got to load Joyce up with some beautiful pearls and estate jewelry that suited her perfectly.  The Queen.  I picked jewelry for Joan that reflected her generous and bright personality and Hannah I chose stylish fun pieces and several engagement ring styles that I thought she might like to use as a “Hint-Hint” to her beau.

Jewelry is about stories. How did your grandfather propose to your grandmother?

What did the bracelet your Dad gave your Mom when the were dating look like.  Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable.

When it comes time to buy an engagement ring, which is typically the first large jewelry purchase of a persons life, most people ask their family and friends for recommendations. I hope you will think of us when it is time for your next jewelry purchase and make us part of your memories.