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Being in the jewelry business means you talk about love a lot! Like, A LOT!
Our entire business succeeds and depends on love.

  • A Man and Woman’s Love for each other.
  • A Love of a child.
  • A Love of a job.
  • A Love of oneself.

A jewelry purchase is usually if not always directed by love.
In the honor of the day of love, February 14th, I thought I would not only share some of my favorite jewelry choices and gift recommendations, but also share my passion for food and wine with you – providing a roadmap for a successfully romantic Valentine’s Day; helping to spread the… Love.

Golden Gift Ideas

In order to select the right jewelry for your Valentine, consider pieces that are unique, yet timeless, and most importantly represent their individual style. Here are a few of my hand picked selections we have stocked this season. These pieces are versatile enough to be worn their own, or layered among sentimental or vintage favorites – not only would they make great gifts, but they make an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.

A jewelry purchase is usually if not always directed by love

Gold Hoop Earrings | Stafford Jewelers

Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are what’s hot right now. Thin and big in diameter and the price is very reasonable starting at $250.00. We have several sizes and shapes for any style and budget.

Gold Necklaces | Stafford Jewelers

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are great for mixing and matching styles of chains and design. We love this choker and initial coin. We have fashion necklaces starting at $500.00

Bold, Unique Fashion Rings | Stafford Jewelers

Bold Fashion Rings

Fun and fantastic. You can wear these on every finger, and more on one hand is the trend. We have so many to choose from we are sure there is one that will make any girl happy.

Bracelet Layering & Stacking | Stafford Jewelers

Bracelet Layering

Bracelet Stacking/Layering can be done with different colors of metals, and different styles. It’s all about having fun with your own personal style!

Making the Perfect Valentine’s Dinner

While there are plenty of great restaurants in the greater Cincinnati area that would make excellent choices for a romantic evening, if you really want to wow your loved one this Valentine’s day, delight them to a home cooked meal. For seven years, I’ve curated my own personal blog sharing no-fuss, yet delicious home cooking recipes. This Pan Seared Roasted Pork Chop with Fig Sauce recipe is simple in ingredients, big on taste and presentation, and only takes 30 minutes to prepare. With a few lighting adjustments, some simple table decorations and this recipe you have the perfect romantic dinner for two.

Pan Seared Roasted Pork Chop with Fig Sauce | Valentine's Dinner | Stafford Jewelers
Death by Chocolate Cupcakes | Valentine's Dessert | Stafford Jewelers

To end the evening on a sweet and decadent note, try out my recipe for Death by Chocolate Cupcakes. This is an easy, make ahead recipe that will make your sweetheart fall in love with you all over again!

Picking the Perfect Wine

Not sure what to pour with Valentine’s dinner? I asked my friend Kevin Hart from Hart & Cru to share a few selections of wines especially for you that would pair well with the above recipes. Kevin makes choosing and buying wines approachable. No reason to feel like you don’t know enough or couldn’t possibly appreciate one wine over another. That is what Kevin does so well, he breaks it down and makes choosing wine fun by telling you the story behind each and every wine he endorses.

Shown Above
Kevin Hart of Hart & Cru

Pork chop pairing:
Pork chops can be very versatile when it comes to food and wine pairings. Depending on the accompaniments, Riesling and pork is a very traditional pairing (think classic German & Alsatian cuisine). While most people think Riesling is a sweet wine, there are many lovely dry styles to be had.
Pork is also lovely with a wide variety of medium bodied wines. Grenache from the Southern Rhône Valley would be a nice pick with its bold red flavors and hints of lavender and thyme, or a Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley of France would be nice with its purple fruit and spicy pepper notes.
Domaine Saint Gayan, Gigondas Origine 2014 @$30
For chocolate:
Vin Santo is one of the best dessert wines out there and carries a romantic notion as well, meaning “wine of the Saints”. This is a late harvest wine made from white grapes in Tuscany of central Italy. It is perfect for after dinner and best paired with an espresso as well.
Madeira is another standout with chocolate – like Riesling, this fortified wine ranges from dry to sweet styles, coming from the island of Madeira of the coast of Portugal. The best of them have hints of coffee and bitter orange.
Isole e Olena, Vin Santo del Chianti Classico @$60
You can order these wines here:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your soulmate, or your family, we hope you have a wonderful holiday. We look forward to meeting you at your nearest Stafford Jewelers location and learning about your loved ones in order to offer you our best guidance and our expertise for a memorable gift!